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fall classes

NDBC is proud to offer dance classes for all ages and abilities in a variety of styles. We have something for everyone with a love for dance from ages 18 months - adult. 

2023-2024 Regular classes are now closed. Specialty sessions still available! 

2024-2025 schedule TBA early summer.

Program descriptions

Children’s Dance Program

Our Children’s Dance program is designed to build a love of dance through music, imagination, exploration, and movement in dancers aged 3 - 10. Dancers will improve their motor skills and coordination while developing confidence and leadership skills. Dancers participate in a weekly technique class and an end of year recital.

Ages 3 – 4:
Pre-Technique I

Pre-Technique I is designed for dancers aged 3-4 years old and focuses on building creativity and confidence in dancers while fostering a love of dance and movement.

Ages 5 – 6:
Pre-Technique II

Pre-Technique II is a combo class of both beginner ballet and tap technique and vocabulary designed for dancers aged 5-6 years old. This class uses imagination, music, and movement to build solid dance foundations.

Ages 7 – 8: Technique I

Technique I is designed for 7- 8 years old dancers who are looking to explore ballet and tap. This class encourages creativity and musicality while expanding on the dancer’s technique and vocabulary.

Ages 9 – 10: Technique II

Technique II will introduce dancers aged 9-10 to introductory jazz technique as well as the fundamentals of ballet and tap. This class offers the unique opportunity for dancers to explore numerous styles of dance all in one class.

Academy Level Classes

For dancers aged 10+ we offer dance classes in numerous styles and for varying ability levels. Our classes focus on refining basic techniques while challenging dancers to grow as artists and performers. Dancers participate in weekly classes and an end of year recital.


Level 1: beginner dancers with 0-2 years of experience

Level 2: beginner/intermediate dancers with 2-4 years of experience

Level 3: Intermediate dancers with 4-5 years of experience

Level 4: Intermediate/Advanced dancers with 5+ years of experience


This classic artform focuses on building technique and strength through barre work and center practice. Ballet classes aim to improve dancer flexibility, alignment, balance, and musicality.


Jazz dance combines classical techniques with the popular styles and music of today. Jazz focuses on isolations, musical rhythms, quick movements, and flexibility while building confidence in each dancer’s unique style.


Pointe classes are available to dancers who have demonstrated an advanced understanding of ballet technique, proprioception, and muscle awareness. Instructor approval is needed for dancers to be placed in a pointe level.  


Pre-pointe is a class designed to prepare dancers for pointe shoes. The class focuses on strengthening muscle groups and developing the body alignment that are essential for advancing to pointe work.


Tap helps teach rhythm and coordination from head to toe.  Explore different tap techniques starting with simple rhythms to complex syncopation.  Through tap, dancers can learn musicality and develop an understanding of the harmony between music and dance.   

Hip Hop

This high energy, fast paced class explores a wide range of hip hop styles set to todays popular music. This class encourages dancers to develop their own style while exploring the various rhythms of their favorites songs.


Progressing Ballet Techniques or PBT was developed in conjunction with muscle and skeletal dance physiotherapists to create a program that focuses on strength building and injury prevention. While it is rooted in ballet technique, this class offers dancers the ability to focus on strength building, flexibility, and body alignment that are essential to all dance styles.


Modern dance breaks the mold and explores grounded movement using the natural flow of the human body.  Through various techniques and styles, this class helps dancers play with gravity, breath, musicality, and improvisation as well as grow in strength and control through their movement. 

Ballet Principles

Ballet Principles is an elective class for dancers level Ballet II and up. The class will rotate styles through numerous ballet based genres. The class will explore classical variations, partnering, PBT, pointe work, and advanced ballet. This is an excellent class for dancers wanting to improve their ballet technique and learn more about this beautiful artform. 


This class is for dancers aged 12 and up. This class explores the latest moves in the dance world. Have fun while working on new, exciting skills and tricks!

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