Adult classes

NDBC offers a wide range of opportunities for adults with a passion for dance. Dancers of all ages and ability levels are welcome.

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NDBC offers adult programming available for all levels ages 16+. Whether you have never taken a class or looking to get back into training, we have a variety of class options for you.  These classes are designed with the busy person in mind, as each class session is anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks long, so they fit into anybody’s busy schedule. 

Intro to Dance

September 12 -

October 3 

Sunday 5:30-6:30


Intro to Dance is for the adult dancer who wants to try everything, at least once.  Each week will bring a new style to try, including Ballet, Tap, and Jazz.  Test the waters of dance by learning a little bit about each style per week.  Get a taste of what could become your new favorite activity in this class!

Beginning Ballet

September 12 -

October 17

Sunday 6:30-7:30 


Beginning Ballet is specifically designed for absolute beginners as well as those who have had some dance experience in the past. The class starts with exercises at the barre followed by work in the center of the floor. This class is non-competitive, friendly and a great way to get fit while learning something new.

Barre Fitness

October 10 - 

November 14

Sunday 5:30-6:30


 Barre fitness combines ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga, and strength training. This class will incorporate a ballet barre and help you develop a stronger core, better posture, leaner legs, and more. Each low-impact exercise will target the muscles and push them to fatigue while improving flexibility and strength. 

Intro to Tap

October 24 -

November 14

Sunday 6:30 - 7:30 


Tap is a popular style of American theatrical dance distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor. Dancers develop a keen sense of balance while getting a taste of rhythm and Broadway styles. This basic level beginner tap class is geared towards the adult who has had little to no tap training, but all levels are welcome. 

Sassy Jazz

November 21 -

December 19

Sunday 5:30-6:30 


Need a break before the workweek to let loose and gain a confidence boost? Join Laura C. for some sassy jazz! We will spend an hour full of warm-up, toning, and high-energy combinations that will send you into Monday with your head held high. All levels welcome

*No Class Nov. 28


November 21 - 

December 12

Sunday 6:30-7:30


Lyrical combines Jazz and Ballet styles to create an emotional representation of music.  The movement is driven by the lyrics and intention of popular songs and allows for the dancers to release any stress from the week and leave it on the dance floor.  Enjoy music in a new way in Lyrical.

Hip Hop

September 9 - 

September 31

Thursday 8:00 - 9:00


This 4 week session hip hop class promotes confidence, mobility, and overall a fun experience! Students are able to dance to the latest hits with a structured and well choreographed routine.  All levels are welcome!

Pre-Professional Company

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The North Dakota Ballet Pre-Professional Company is an audition-based program that is designed for dancers 18+ that are seeking opportunities to continue their dance training and partake in performances throughout the region.  The focus of this program is to create a community of dancers while fostering the artistry of dance through weekly classes and various performances throughout the season.  Every style of dance is welcome!  Come with an open heart and a love of the art of dance.

Company Members meet once a week on Wednesdays, for a weekly class, followed by rehearsals for any upcoming performance opportunities, as well a very small amount of Saturday rehearsals.  The performance opportunities include a Winter Show, a Spring Show, and various smaller performances throughout the community.  Company Members are also given the opportunity to partake in any Academy classes they would like at a reduced price. 

For more information, please email our Company Coordinator at


We provide a couple options when auditioning for the Pre-Professional Company: in person or through a video submission.  Virtual auditions are brand new territory for us all and we are exploring this opportunity together!  We understand there will be bumps along the way and wish to instill that quality of your work is more important than quality of your video.  We also understand that size of space can be limited but we would rather see altered or smaller movement than injured dancers.  We thank you in advanced for your patience, understanding, and passion for dance.


Below is the link to the combinations used for video auditions.  Please learn the choreography provided, then film yourself performing the combinations. We then ask you to add a short piece of choreography with a style of your choice.  Please add your name to the beginning of your video.  You are more than welcome to use different music than what was used in the videos.  Videos can be sent to

In Person

Auditions in person can be done by appointment only.  Please prepare a short piece of choreography of your choice in the style you feel most comfortable in that is around one minute long. You may be asked to show additional skills or movements once you have performed your piece of choreography.

If you would like to audition in person, please contact the Company Coordinator at

Audition Form

Help up get to know you better!


Whether you are auditioning in person or through virtual options, please be sure to send your dance resume and/or the attached form below to before you submit your video or your audition date.

Elite Dance Crew

The roots of Elite Dance Crew trace back to head choreographer Eller Bonifaco’s arrival in the United States about 7 years ago. Eller grew up in the island nation of the Philippines and brought his passion for dance and choreography with him to Grand Forks. As a young UND student, he didn’t let the lack of hip hop in the area stop him from doing what he does best – he found others in the area who shared his desire to dance and the rest is history.

Since then, they evolved into what is now known as ELITE DANCE CREW. They’ve performed in front of thousands and they’re so grateful to share their moves with you!

ELITE Intensive is offered during the Fall and Spring seasons for those who are looking to improve their dance skills and performance ability. The class is structured to learn advanced choreography every month. These routines then are filmed professionally and/or performed in various community events in the region. The ELITE Dance Crew is a division of the North Dakota Ballet Company and Academy.

Visit ELITE Dance Crew website for more info: