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Founded in 1962, The North Dakota Ballet Company, the official ballet company of the state of North Dakota, is a non-profit dance organization committed to promoting classical ballet and other dance styles in Grand Forks and the surrounding areas.

The organization evolved as a professional performance company and has hence become a strong school and artisitic programming outlet for the Grand forks community for the past 60 years. Through our programming we focus on training children-adults on the artistry of dance, movement, musicality, as well as self confidence and character development.


The North Dakota Ballet Company & Academy is committed to providing dancers of all ages an encouraging environment to grow artistically and academically. We strive to deliver high quality dance education, while developing character and confidence in our students. We value community engagement and seek to provide meaningful contributions to our region, state, and arts community.


As the official state ballet company of North Dakota, we strive to be the leader in dance education and performance while focusing on artistic engagement opportunities across the state.

community OUTREACH

We are proud to be engaged in so many impactful projects in our community. NDBC is committed to partnering and sharing our artistry through various community outlets.

NDBC Educational Outreach
NDBC is currently developing an educational curriculum that can be presented in the traditional academic setting to encourage students to explore dance as a form of communication through the integration of writing and movement activities. Dance can also be utilized to explain mathematical and scientific concept for students.

To learn more about NDBC can visit your classroom please contact Lauren Paulson at

NDBC Outreach Programming
NDBC offers specialty programming for one day and one week camps and classes. Our camps and workshops consist of highly trained dance professionals that will encourage movement education and exploration will learning some basic dance foundations in a fun filled workshop. Master classes and workshops are available by request. 


NDBC Book Club 
The North Dakota Ballet Company & Academy is delighted to host our very own book club. All are welcome to join us as we journey through a variety of classic tales and ballets! Members of the book club are encouraged to participate in discussions on our NDBC Book Club Facebook group and will be invited to take part in a special book club party as well as VIP access following our shows to meet the characters!

Feel free to join in at any time and participate in the conversation! We also will be sharing brief snippets of the upcoming ballets that will showcase some of the fascinating characters! We are excited to partner with the Grand Forks Public Library to create a fun and exciting exploration of these classic novels. We hope you enjoy the journey!

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The North Dakota Ballet Company is proud to serve our community for the past 60 years! We are also looking for passionate instructors to join our dance faculty and continue this legacy of dance. Interested candidates can email their resumes to Laura Arneson at for consideration.

Dance Faculty are considered in the following areas: 

  • Pre-school/Creative Movement

  • Ballet (Beginner to Advanced Level)

  • Pointe

  • Hip Hop (Ages 6+)

  • Jazz (Beginner - Advanced Level)

  • Tap (Beginner - Advanced Level)

  • Musical Theatre (All Levels)

  • Modern (Beginner - Advanced Level)

  • Dance Fitness

  • Adult Dance Classes

  • Ballroom Dance

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